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Sonic Approach
(coming in 2002, Hypnos/Binary)
The Opposite Of Staring Into Space
(1999, Ironing Board Recordings)
Synthetic Block
(1998, Mindspore Records)

Limited Releases:

Live at the Gathering
(2001, Ironing Board Recordings and
Book of Formation
(2001, Ironing Board Recordings and
Driving Backward
(2001, Ironing Board Recordings and


Beyond Me
(2001, Neu Harmony)
To Canterbury And Beyond: A Tribute To The Canterbury Scene
(1999, Mellow Records)
Fanfare For The Pirates: An Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute
(1998, Mellow Records)
GoldTri Compilation: Volume 1
(1998, Stonker Productions)
GoldTri Compilation: Volume 2
(1998, Stonker Productions)
Elephant Tape: A Tribute to King Crimson

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