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Radio Play

Below are some of the radio shows that are playing tracks by Synthetic Block.
Thanks to them for their support!
There are other stations playing Synthetic Block music, but this list is compiled from playlists that were sent to me.

Echoes: Silver Sky, Arc

Star's End (Chuck Van Zyl): The Empire of Lights, Plangent Bleating, Silver Sky, Swell and Slack (from GoldTri Vol. 1), Shoal, Half Awake, A Science of Forget, Engine Room, After

EMusic (Bill Fox), WDIY FM, Pennsylvania: Ping, Silver Sky, Swell and Slack (from GoldTri Vol. 1), Shoal Part 1 (from GoldTri Vol. 2), Careful With That Fax Machine, Trylon, Arc

WPKN (Rod Richardson): Arc, A Science of Forget, Hazard, After, Trylon, Shoal, Ping, The Empire of Lights, Silver Sky, Eardrum, .

Mystic Music: Silver Sky

Wired for Sound (Chris Meloche): Silver Sky, The Empire of Lights

WHUS (Joel Krutt): Ping, Plangent Bleating

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