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Jan 30, 2002
E-Tape Page. I've added a page for the old Elephant Tape in the Discography section. From the page you can either visit Elephant Tape or download the Synthetic Block version of King Crimson's "Sailor's Tale."

Jan. 24, 2002
Gear Reviews. I've posted some gear reviews that I wrote a few years ago on the Gear page. These reviews originally appeared on other sites around the web.

Jan. 23, 2002
New Poem. Click here to view the poem I plan on including in the booklet for Sonic Approach.

Nov. 16, 2001
Sonic Approach Label. Well, since Mike Griffin has mentioned it on his news page, I guess it's safe to announce that the next Synthetic Block CD, Sonic Approach, will be released on the Hypnos sublabel Binary. More information as it happens.

Oct. 21, 2001
New Compilation. The Beyond Me compilation has been released by Neu Harmony.

Sept. 20, 2001
Reviews. The review sections for the first and second Synthetic Block CDs have been updated.

Sept. 1, 2001
Mastering the CD. The next Synthetic Block CD, Sonic Approach is in the process of being mastered by Dave Fulton.

May 23, 2001
Recording New CD. Recording for the next Synthetic Block CD, Sonic Approach, has begun. The track listing is: The Quartz Marsh, Sonic Approach, Doused, Bed of Sphinxes, Hazy Prisms, Inevitable, and Sonic Recoil. To track the progress of the recording, please visit the Journal page.

March 28, 2001
Tracks Across The Universe. Jim Brenholts has put together an amazing book of reviews concerning all genres of electronic music. Right now there is a promo edition of the book, with three CDs of music, available here. Synthetic Block contributed a short studio excerpt of "Four Days On" to the collection. The book and CDs should be commercially available soon.

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