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Star's End
The homepage for Chuck Van Zyl's legendary syndicated radio show. The site also includes much information about electronic musicians, publications, and retailers.

Besides being one of the premier ambient music labels, Hypnos also has an excellent online store.

One of the largest purveyors of electronic music.

Synth Music Direct
One of the best suppliers of electronic music in the U.K.

Epsilon: The Ambient Music Information Archive
When you want to explore ambient music.

Harmony Central
Great resource for musicians, with news, reviews and more.

Sound On Sound magazine
Excellent magazine devoted to making music. Issues over three-months-old are available in their entirety online.

Music Machines
A good starting point for synthesizers new and old. Make sure to check out their links.

Wind and Wire magazine
An excellent publication that covers all the various types of electronic music, with reviews, features, and interviews.

Bass Player magazine
A good resource for bass players. They have some good links too.

Expose magazine
A great magazine covering progressive rock and beyond.

The Progressive Rock Web Site
The best resource for everything concerning progressive rock on the Web.

The KLEM Bookmarks Page
A great page of links for electronic music, maintained by Danyo Romijn.

Discipline Global Mobile
Robert Fripp's record company.

Dweller At The Threshold
The Dweller at the Threshold homepage. One of the pre-eminent U.S. electronic music groups.

Under the Dome Homepage
Under the Dome is an excellent electronic music project, whose first disc is a killer.

The Marble Collector's Corner
Run by Jonathanís brother Robert. An information center for anyone interested in collecting marbles.

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