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Driving Backward: A Collection of Floating Relics
(Ironing Board Recordings, 2001)

Distance (19:00)
Point of Departure (5:16)
Organizing the Struggle (7:25)
Burrow In (12:24)
Careful With That Fax Machine (7:20)

This is a collection of older tracks, most of which were only available on cassette.
More information about each track can be found below.

This release is only available as a DAM CD on the Synthetic Block site.

Distance, Point of Departure, and Organizing the Struggle were part of the 1995 cassette release, "Organizing the Struggle."

Burrow In is a more ambient piece, and was featured on the 1996 cassette release "After."

Careful With That Fax Machine was left off The Opposite of Staring Into Space due to time constraints. The track was recorded in 1998, but the title dates from 1990.

For reviews and further information on the Jonathan Block cassette releases that were mined for these tracks, follow this link.

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