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To Canterbury And Beyond:
A Tribute To The Canterbury Scene
(Mellow Records, 1999)

Disc 1

Zoo Lunaire: The Isle of Everywhere
Chameleon: Crumble/Didn't Matter Anyway
Phil Mercy: The Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians)
Arbogast: Ride
Marco Masoni: Radio Gnome Invisible
Patrick Forgas: Echec Naturel
Hostsonaten: Sea Song
Ashqelon Quilt: Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening
Synthetic Block: The Soft Weed Factor
David Bagsby: Hell's Bells
Notturno Concertante: Hello Hello

Disc 2

The Underground Railroad: Wring Out The Ground (Loosely Now)
Tilion: Can't Be Long Now/Francoise/For Richard
L'Imbroglio: The Collapso/Squarer For Maud
Mary Newsletter: A Last Straw/Box 25/4 Lid
Nostalgia: At Last I'm Free
Algebra: Deconstructing Wyatt
Dono Celeste: Alifib/Alife
Phil Beane: Spring Any Day Now
Moonmadness Of Divae: Sasquatch
Rotters' Club: Place Of My Own
Trama: Unevensong

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